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Diverse data to help advocates and philanthropy navigate the oil and gas transition 

We merge the latest data into a singular easy-to-use tool, to help you make accurate and informed decisions in motivating a shift away from fossil gas and oil.
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How it works
Navigator Tool

The Oil and Gas Transition Navigator is a tool which brings together diverse data to guide perspectives and decisions for partners and funders to navigate the oil and gas transition.

Data Insights 

Data Insights are short documents produced using the Navigator to help users understand the data.

How It Works



For easy-to-reference information, we break the data into seamless overview pages. You will be able to discover important information 

Dive Deeper

The Navigator breaks down the data into various sections which help you dive into the data however you need. This includes different pages which focus funding, capacity, and strategic levers.


Custom Overlays

Custom Overlays allows you to further refine priorities based on aspects that are important to you.  

Partner Testimonial

"The product looks brilliant and is bringing together a lot of information that is easily digestible. This is a super useful tool to advise funders."

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The Oil and Gas Transition Navigator is confidential to the advocacy community, please reach out to request a demo.

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